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waste management

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Garbage is the number one reason bears and other scavengers are drawn to your cottage property.
Attracted by *delicious* smells, and rewarded with an easy meal, they will return...

Trash and debris left on your property can also contaminate the lake, creating hazards for wildlife as well as  for swimmers and boaters.

Avoid health risks and dangerous wildlife encounters by managing your waste safely:

  • store all garbage and recycling in a bear-resistant container with a tight-fitting lid, or in a secure shed or garage; do not store it in plywood boxes, old freezers or vehicles
  • rinse out bottles, jars and containers before putting them in recycling bins
  • keep meat scraps and grease in the fridge or freezer until garbage day
  • do not stockpile garbage; take it to an approved waste disposal site regularly, and never leave it on your property when you return to your home
  • never burn garbage, it pollutes the air and attracts animals
  • do not put meat, fish or sweet food (including fruit) in your outdoor composter

The following table presents guidelines, locations and hours for both Highlands East and Dysart et al waste facilities. As of June, 2022, owners who access their properties from Koshlong Lake Road will be able to use facilities in either municipality. 

Highlands East

Dysart et al

Access / Admittance

Household garbage


Click the image to download
the recycling guide for your township

Remember to rinse out all containers before placing them in recycling bins

Construction Waste

Hazardous Waste

Other Waste?



Vary by location & season - click links for current hours

Owners: Waste disposal cards are mailed with tax bills and are valid for 3 years

Renters: Cottage Rental kits may be purchased for $5.00 including one-time pass, clear and blue bags, location map and recycling guide

Must be placed in CLEAR plastic bags only

Accepted at Highlands or Dysart facilities during all operating hours

Tory Hill and Highway 28 locations only (see below); Fees apply

Owners: Landfill identification user cards are mailed with tax bill; request a new/replacement owner card

Renters must purchase a one-time user pass at any of the 5 facilities (listed below) for $5.00

Must be placed in CLEAR plastic bags only

Accepted at all Dysart facilities during all operating hours

Harcourt, Haliburton & West Guilford facilities (see below); Fees apply

Thanks to KLA member Rob Horsburgh for his photograph of Wallace Island used as the background photo throughout this site

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