Show Your Lake Love!

Sweatshirts, t-shirts, hats, water bottles... express your love for Koshlong in your own personal style!

In the past, the KLA ordered logoware in bulk and offered it to our members at cost, or gave the items as prizes. This restricted the items, colours and sizes we could offer; it required the KLA to pay up front for the items and hope to recuperate the costs; and it required volunteers to store the items, collect the funds, and find ways to get your items to you. It's a lot of cost and work for us, and doesn't always result in members getting what they would really like to wear.

After researching numerous companies in Canada and the United States, the KLA has set up a direct purchase option for you through Tee Spring. Now, YOU can order exactly the items you want, in the colours, sizes and styles that you like the best -- directly from the producer -- and have those shipped to you. The KLA makes no profit on these sales, but also loses nothing in funds or time invested. 

Order your custom logoware here!

* Please note that there are shipping and duty costs associated with ordering from TeeSpring, as it is a US company, but have been unable to find any company in Canada that can provide comparable options. We recommend that you combine your order with some friends or neighbours to reduce the shipping costs. Also, the KLA is not responsible for the quality of the items you select or purchase, but in the rare case a member has been unhappy with the quality of an item, Tee Spring has been responsive in issuing refunds. 

MEMBERS: If you would prefer to custom order your items from a local provider, please contact us and we we can send you the logo in PDF format for printing on any item of your choosing. 

Thanks to KLA member Rob Horsburgh for his photograph of Wallace Island used as the background photo throughout this site

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