what to do
in the event of a fire

The foremost goal is tprotect the forest and prevent fire from spreading 

If you are able to do so safely

Use fire extinguishers and FIRE PUMPS to contain the fire

If you cannot put out a fire safely:

  1. Evacuate children and pets to safety
  2. Call 911 -- Provide your name, phone number, cottage address, directions from nearest intersection, and nature of fire.
  3. Call your fire captain, road captain and YMCA Wanakita: 705 - 457 - 2132
  4. Use an emergency horn or whistle: 3-blast sequence means “Help me!”
  5. Call or notify immediate neighbours who may be in danger

The KLA owns and maintains specially marked red and yellow FIRE BOXES, strategically placed around the perimeter of the lake (see map below). These contain hoses, nozzles, mechanical pumps air hors, and protective gear and equipment. 

The equipment is made available to fight fires on the lake, and protect cottagers and the surrounding the forest.

Thanks to KLA member Rob Horsburgh for his photograph of Wallace Island used as the background photo throughout this site

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