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invasive species

What to Watch for


Information on non-native species, the threats they may pose to our lake environment, and what to do about them is being added to this page as it becomes available. If you have specific concerns or reports about invasive species in the area, please contact us.

chinese mystery snail

As reported in the 2022 Wavelength and discussed at the 2022 AGM, a non-native snail known as the "Chinese Mystery Snail" has been found in Koshlong lake. Large numbers were collected in a sampling near Camp Wanakita in the past year. 

A 2019 article in the Minden Times describes the growing problem locally, and advises to collect, freeze and dispose of the snails.
Similar advice can be found in this fact sheet from the Severn Sound Environmental Association page on invasive species, or click on the photos to link to additional sites and information.

If you find any of these snails, please contact us so we can keep track of their presence in our lake and safely remove them.

Thanks to KLA member Rob Horsburgh for his photograph of Wallace Island used as the background photo throughout this site

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