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cottage watch program

Reducing & Reporting Crime

Cottage break and enters, damage and theft are serious concerns impacting cottagers, cottage associations, police and insurance companies. 

Cottage Watch programs began in 1993 and, due to their success, are encouraged and supported by local and provincial police.

The KLA initiated its Cottage Watch program in 2018. On this page, we outline the program as well as the roles and responsibilities of cottagers and Cottage Watch coordinators; offer tips for protecting your property; and explain procedures for reporting a crime or suspicious activity.

  • What is the Cottage Watch program?

  • Who does Cottage Watch Involve?

  • How does our Cottage Watch program work?

What is Cottage Watch?

  • A community-based crime prevention initiative
  • Organized and operated by residents
  • Supported and encouraged by police
  • Public awareness and education of crime prevention measures, including SafeGuard Ontario Property Security Program and Operation Identification
  • A partnership between the OPP, your cottage association and local cottagers

What does the KLA Cottage Watch do for you?

  • Organize cottage association members into effective cottage watch groups
  • Improve communications between seasonal property owners, the OPP and other policing authorities
  • Reduce the incident of theft, damage and break-ins
  • Assist the police in crime prevention and detection
  • Promote crime prevention measures including the use of engravers through Operation Identification to help solve crimes

Who does Cottage Watch involve?

All cottagers who are willing to protect each others’ interests by: 

  • Becoming more aware of criminal activities which have or, might occur in the area
  • Being alert to suspicious persons or vehicles
  • Asserting your right to enjoy your leisure activities in a safe and secure environment which is free from crime

How does it work?

Cottage Watch Lake Coordinator

  • Liaisons with the local OPP Detachment and receives and logs information from Cottage Watch Zone Coordinators.

Cottage Watch Coordinators

  • Liaison between residents within their zone and the lake watch coordinator
  • Reports information received from homeowners to Cottage Watch Lake Coordinator
  • Communicates relevant information to cottagers in their zone
  • Encourage new cottagers to become involved in Cottage Watch

Cottage Watch Members (everyone)

  • Become good neighbours by getting involved and by being aware
  • Get to know general patterns of neighbours, particularly in your immediate zone
  • Report suspicious events to the police and then to the Cottage Watch Zone Coordinator

Every cottage should have a Cottage Watch decal displayed on a window or door closest to the main entrance. 

Cottage Watch signs have been placed at road entrances and on Koshlong Lake information boards.

Thanks to KLA member Rob Horsburgh for his photograph of Wallace Island used as the background photo throughout this site

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