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In the fall of 2020, Bancroft Minden Forestry initiated logging operations off Telephone Bay Road, on the east end of the Lake. These plans were presented at the 2020 AGM. The operation caused more disruption than was expected, and residents expressed frustrations. On behalf of members, the Koshlong Lake Association has been in contact with BMFC and municipal representatives. We continue to provide input to the Forest Management Plan and its impact on our lake. 

There are currently two plans seeking comment from the public.  Our concerns (derived in part from our experience in 2020) have been expressed in a number of emails/letters over the last year and are included herein and summarized below:

1.      Work performed by Bancroft-Minden Forestry Company last year.  The operation has resulted in significant woody debris and deep ruts.  Bancroft Minden Forestry Company has indicated that the rutting will be addressed in the coming weeks after conditions improve for access.

2.      Approved 3 months Short Term Forest Management Plan Extension for Bancroft-Minden Forestry Company 2011-2021 Forest Management Plan.  The area impacted are illustrated in correspondence forwarded
Mar. 2, 2021.

3.      Bancroft-Minden Forest 2021-2031 Forest Management Plan – areas selected for Operations.  As indicated by the map “selective” harvesting on crown land in close proximity to Koshlong Lake continues.  The YMCA Camp Wanakita has been advised.  We are hopeful that the comments provided and the dialogue with Bancroft-Minden Forestry Company will affect the timing and the manner of operation. 

Bancroft-Minden Forestry Company has volunteered a brief presentation at our Annual General Meeting in June, 2021, and will respond to questions.

Thanks to KLA member Rob Horsburgh for his photograph of Wallace Island used as the background photo throughout this site

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