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Monitoring Enterprises Around the Lake

Forestry Around Koshlong

Bancroft Minden Forestry Company (BMFC) has been conducting logging operations on the east end of the Lake, through a legal agreement with the Ontario NDMNRF (Ministry of Northern Development, Mines, Natural Resources and Forestry, formerly MNRF). The KLA and municipality have no ability to halt this activity. However, as an Association we have been advocating to protect the safety of our members and minimize damage to the natural environment.

As of December, 2022, logging operations have resumed in the area between Telephone Bay and Fallowfield roads. 

The work in this bloc (see below) was planned for 2021-22 but postponed to the current winter. Equipment is being brought in during December, 2022, and harvesting will begin when the ground has frozen. Work will continue until the spring thaw, March 2023.

The KLA  will continue to update members are more information is made available to us.


Select, HDsel – Hardwood Selection Forest Unit, with Selection Silviculture System

Lastcut, HDus – Hardwood Shelterwood Forest Unit, with a Last Cut (Final Removal) Silviculture System

HPW – Water Features with High Potential Sensitivity

MPW – Water Features with Medium Potential Sensitivity

LPW – Water Features with Low Potential Sensitivity

DWEA – Deer Wintering Emphasis Area

MEA – Moose Emphasis Area

APA – Archeological Potential Area

CV Modified Zone – Confidential Value Modified Zone

LUP – Land use permit


BMFC first presented plans for 2020-21 logging operations to the KLA at the AGM in the spring of 2020. Operations commenced in late summer, sooner than expected, and caused more disruption than was anticipated. Many cottagers expressed concerns about the visual and environmental impacts on the forest, the safety and condition of the roads, and the use and enjoyment of their property. 

To address these concerns, the KLA arranged for BMFC representatives to attend the 2020-21 AGM. They presented plans for 2021-22 operations, and responded to moderated questions. However, many questions remained unanswered following the meeting. The KLA compiled these and submitted them, in writing, to the BMFC in early July.

BMFC has responded to questions in person and in writing. On July 30, 2021, BMFC representatives met with cottagers at the Telephone Bay boat launch to clarify details of their operations; you can read a draft summary of this discussion, during which cottagers were told that:

  • Operations are expected to begin in mid-late August, pending influencing factors. The crew is likely to begin across from the public boat launch. 
  • Log trucks will continue to use Telephone Bay road in early winter, then move more toward Fallowfield.
  • More landings will be built near both Telephone Bay and Fallowfield roads. Precise locations of the landing areas is still being determined; a hand-drawn map will be provided once these are finalized.
  • Operators are required to leave Fallowfield and Telephone Bay roads as found or better. As required by the “Temporary Access Permit” with the Township, entrances to logging roads will be removed and ditches re-established.
  • During operations, all roads will be marked with plenty of clearly visible signs. Log truck drivers are experienced traveling narrow and roads shared with residential traffic. Road closures are unlikely to be necessary, but the road association would be notified well in advance.

Following the meeting, BMFC representatives submitted, in writing, further details about harvest operations - including restoration of roadways, amount and types of trees to be harvested, forestry regulations, civiculture practice and forest regeneration. 

In September, 2021, the BMFC Forest Management Plan for 2021-31 was approved by the Regional Director of the NDMNRF. This plan does not include any new logging areas around Koshlong lake; however, it does allow BMFC until 2026 to complete logging that is currently underway, should there be delays in operations. The KLA will continue to monitor the situation and maintain open communication with BMFC, the Township, cottagers and affected road associations.

Thanks to KLA member Rob Horsburgh for his photograph of Wallace Island used as the background photo throughout this site

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