FIRE on Koshlong May 30

2021-05-31 3:06 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

At approximately 10:30 on Sunday morning, smoke was spotted coming from the Cannon property on Sapphire Drive. It was a grass and ground fire that was spreading rapidly due to very dry conditions and wind gusts.

Using the three-blast alarm from the fire horns, neighbours were able alert other cottagers nearby who came to assist. The team employed two of the Koshlong fire pumps, and were able to bring the blaze under control by the time the Fire Department arrived.

It was determined that the fire had spread from a campfire from the night before. Despite believing he had put the fire out that evening by dousing it with water, the fire reignited and worked its way through the root system. Unfortunately, there was no one at the cottage as they had left early in the morning for work.

The owners were contacted and arrived after the fire was out. Naturally the whole family are upset and regret the circumstances. They are truly grateful to the lake community coming together to save their cottage and the surrounding trees. In appreciation they are purchasing two more fire pumps for the lake, one to be located on their property and the second to be placed in a location chosen by the KLA.

Because of the very dry weather, receiving only a fraction of the normal rainfall for this time of year, the risk of fire is tremendously high! Please exercise extreme caution if you have a campfire:

  • Keep it small and abide by municipal restrictions on daytime burning
  • Pay attention to placement: choose rock or gravel as a foundation and avoid any combustible material like the humus created from leaves, moss, and pine needles
  • Have plenty of water on hand to be able to put out if there is a problem; the best solution is to have a garden hose close by so the fire and surrounding area can be completely soaked
  • Douse the fire completely when you have finished with it

This incident is an important reminder that fire can take hold so easily and spread quickly, and we all need to be extra cautious! Learn more about the KLA fire safety program, how to prevent fires, and how to use the pumps, and remember to download and print the emergency procedures list and fire pump instructions and keep these in a visible place for you and your guests. If you would like a lesson in using the fire pump, please contact Mike Palmer or your fire captain. Any one of us at any time could be in a position of needing to act quickly to save property and lives!

Tremendous thanks to all the who assisted:

  • Tracy and Maggie Smith
  • Andrew and Pronica Janikowski
  • Barb Holland and Mike Palmer
  • Ashley Ritchie
  • Peter Farmer, Brian Dorney and Paul Lewis
  • Mike Wigmor

Thanks to KLA member Rob Horsburgh for his photograph of Wallace Island used as the background photo throughout this site

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